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I am new to the reviewing scene, but not to reading. Books have been my constant companion. They followed me through an awkward childhood, through college where I received my degree in English Education, into marriage, and most recently motherhood. I have a voracious book appetite, reading on the train to work, home from work, before I sleep, and listening to books while I go about my work day (as long as I am not coding in SQL). This blog is born from a desire to share my thoughts and opinions about what I have read, and what books are coming up, something I have missed a great deal since graduating college.

My husband and son are the light of my life. We live in beautiful Portland, OR, just a stones throw away from the famous Powell’s books. The three of us are active in the community and have had the opportunity to meet several authors (and Fabio) since moving here. You may hear tell of our adventures between book reviews.

On the genre front, I almost exclusively read science fiction, fantasy, mysteries / thrillers, and historical fiction. I may occasionally delve into books about women’s rights and issues as well. I also review children’s books, middle grade books, and young adult books both from the point of view of a mother, and someone forever interested in education, literacy, and language acquisition.

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